The Man Who Mistook His Job for his Life

In this revelatory book, business psychotherapist Naomi Shragai draws on thirty years’ experience helping people navigate the complex emotional landscape of the workplace. Through intimate stories from her couch, she shows that you, like everyone you work with, habitually confuse your professional present with your personal past.

Along the way, Shragai reveals truths about our working lives that, until now, have never been understood, including how impostor syndrome is a fear not of failure but of success; how micromanaging can be helpful rather than harmful; and how to tell the difference between a productive narcissist and a pathological one. Throughout, she sheds a light on the unconscious motivations behind our decisions and behaviour at work.

“Nobody understands the everyday madness of working life better than Naomi Shragai. This book should be read by everyone who ventures anywhere near an office.”
– Lucy Kellaway

“Shragai shows how change often begins with understanding. She is wise, experienced and often gives good advice”
– Guardian

“…a fascinating book. The Man who Mistook his Job for his Life is for anyone who is curious about human behaviour — our own, and that of our colleagues and bosses. […] The book is much more than a practical guide, though. It is a guide to all human life…”
Financial Times

The gift of this book is to help us understand who we are, who our co-workers are, in the round, as flesh and blood, not economic units of production. It can help managers and the managed, bosses and the bossed, to find in work and in each other the humanity and warmth, growth and forgiveness that this crucial part of our lives deserves.
– Margaret Heffernan, author of “Wilful Blindness”

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The Psychological Approach to Business

brain-2146817_1280I am an executive coach, psychological business consultant and qualified psychotherapist with over 30 years’ experience working with organisations, executives and teams, as well as individuals, couples and families.

My main focus is working with executives to solve their business problems through a psychological understanding of themselves and their organisations.  This can help to explain the unconscious forces that influence our decisions which, if not understood, can lead to irrational behaviour and negative outcomes.  By becoming more aware of these influences, you are better equipped to fulfil your potential and find new and creative solutions to business problems.

As a Family Therapist I am also uniquely placed to work with family businesses, as well as couples who work together. Conflicts and tensions in family businesses are complex and often require an understanding of family as well as business dynamics in order to find solutions.

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