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brain-2062057_1280The Benefits of Psychological Insight in Business

Businesses today promote a climate of pragmatic and objective thinking, where feelings and emotions are viewed in a negative light and often regarded as interfering with reasoned decision making.  But this can be unrealistic, since many of our perceptions – and therefore our decisions – are influenced by our emotional lives and past experiences.

In a climate of high risk and uncertainty, it is crucial to a company’s growth and success that executives make sound decisions. Without an understanding of the emotions, fears and motivations that influence perceptions and drive decisions, this task can be very difficult.  In order for executives to achieve this requires self-awareness, as well as an understanding of interpersonal relationships with colleagues.

Psychological insights help individuals to think more clearly and to understand how personal and organisational dynamics influence business.  Consultations with me can help you to understand the psychological influences that can interfere with your capacity to manage your work or  business.   I offer a safe, practical and confidential opportunity to explore issues and links, so that you are freer to make reasoned decisions and react more rationally and objectively to external events.

Some of the themes that we can address together include:

  • Managing work/life balance, particularly dealing with the complexities of family life
  • Understanding why delegating work can be problematic
  • Having difficult conversations with colleagues and staff
  • How to deal with difficult personalities at work
  • How early life experiences affect work performance and career choice
  • Helping business leaders use psychological understanding and strategies to improve negotiation and management
  • Removing obstacles to more effective communication
  • How to seek support and advice
  • How to be more psychologically equipped to take risks in business life
  • Going into business with your spouse and/or family members
  • Self-doubt and fears that you will be exposed as not being equipped for your job

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As an experienced Family Therapist I am uniquely placed to help you with what can be entrenched family issues that play themselves out in business.